Carter Bank & Trust

Carter Bank & Trust
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Carter Bank & Trust

806 Nottingham St
Culpeper, Va, 22701

(540) 825-8228

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Business Information

Carter Bank & Trust located in Culpeper, Va, is listed in the Banks Category

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Website Information for Carter Bank & Trust:

Website Title: Carter Bank & Trust, Martinsville, VA

Website Description: Carter Bank & Trust is a state chartered community bank in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We operate 123 branches in our Virginia/North Carolina market area, and offer a full range of deposit accounts including Lifetime Free Checking, interest checking, Savings, Retirement, Money Market, and Certificates of Deposit.

Website Keywords: carter, bank, trust, community, virginia, north, carolina, free, checking, savings, retirement, debit, credit

Listing Information

Listed in: Banks, Banks / Financial / Mortgage

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Carter Bank & Trust
806 Nottingham St
Culpeper, Va 22701
(540) 825-8228

38.48098, -77.989661

806 Nottingham St Culpeper Va 22701

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